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Hawkeye Vintage, founded by Danielle Goodwin, was born of a love for all things vintage. Danielle started Hawkeye in 2012, when she realized her obsession with collecting vintage clothing may have gotten a little out of hand. With multiple storage units (in multiple cities across the globe), and a house full of clothing and accessories, the idea for Hawkeye Vintage was born.

However, Danielle’s love of vintage began way before she started Hawkeye Vintage. Her mother used to deal in antiques, and it was being around this from a young age that sparked Danielle’s own interest in vintage clothing. In fact, the name Hawkeye Vintage is based on the nickname Danielle’s mother calls her – ‘Hawkeye’. The nickname represents Danielle’s very particular eye for detail and ability to find those hidden gems.

Today, Hawkeye Vintage sources incredible, one-off vintage designer pieces, including accessories from all around the world. We specialize in the highest quality designer pieces that are sure to set you apart from the rest.