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Hawkeye Vintage Around The Globe

Hawkeye Vintage has and always will be the very first thought that comes to mind when I’m in need of some vintage tlc, it doesn’t matter what occasions you’re after; decked to the nines for a high fashion party or your everyday casual vintage hipster. The beautiful Danielle who is the founder and director of Hawkeye has developed a polished eye for all garments vintage. That’s not to say it looks ‘old’ or ‘historical’, it definitely doesn’t belong in an antique museum. The word ‘Vintage’ can be thrown around in a meaning of a multiple different things in this day. When I say Vintage try imagining blossoming colours, vibrant stripes and shapes, bold lines, adventitious geometrical skirts and colour blocking patterns. This is the new era of vintage get up and baby is it delightful.

Over the past few months of making myself familiar with Hawkeyes changing wardrobes I’ve started having the questions pour in regarding the where-abouts of the purchases of my fabulous clothing.. Where did you get that? Where are they from? And more importantly; Who can I contact to get this from? Over Danielle’s past few months she’s had a rather exciting and culture experience to say the least. Being a fashion buyer that requires you to trot the globe must be a mighty tedious career path to venture down ;). Hawkeye has been all across the Globe, from Asia to Europe to the States, hand selecting her consumers new and exciting range, and when I say Danielle has a crafted mind for detail, fashion and style I’m not exaggerating. The latest season of Hawkeye is the ultimate element of chic-glamorous.

When I stopped by Danielle’s studio space a couple of days ago, in the midst of chaotically trying to organise and pack my life up into boxes to make the extravagant move to Sydney, castings, and a photo shoot that same day and not to mention the meetings that followed, I should have been in serious stress head mode, although to my surprise; stepping into her space of absolute organised chaos I noticed myself being in complete calm. I guess a little bit of a fashion fix up never went a stray. Unfortunately there was not enough time to go through the hundreds of new season Hawkeye Vintage range although to be honest with you there was really no need too, even on hangers, the attention to hardware detail, construction of colour pallets and shapes, the flawlessness of pieces which were made perfectly to flatter a woman’s body, was very obvious – and perhaps for a second I felt like I was dreaming; how could one woman get everything right within the fashion frenzy industry. Absolutely nailed it. After briefly sourcing a few outfits to treasure I couldn’t help but noticing that on my ‘boyish’ like frame the pieces of clothing did nothing but flatter and compliment my little curves. I was instantly transformed into a stylish little lady. Whether the garments were boxy, tight fitting, or admirably for me; free falling, all garments moved effortlessly with my body in a way that every woman would hope to walk down the streets of Paddington or Chapel Street on a beautiful Saturday day.

And of course I went for a strut in my new Hawkeye Vintage pieces, what’s a girl suppose to do?….

Please Danielle, next time you pack up and leave Australia for a few months for a buying trip; feel free to pack me in your suitcase and teach me a few things..

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Source: Hawkeye Vintage Around The Globe