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Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2013 viewed
In a nondescript South Yarra building, behind a locked door, there are so many exquisite designer vintage clothes that the dress-up box within has been upgraded to dress-up warehouse. Fashion d..
Socialite Mary Lipshut's fashion collection on sale at Hawkeye Vintage
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2207 viewed
The retro fashion scene has been around for more than 40 years, but it seems to have really taken off in the past decade, judging by the number of shops that sell vintage clothes. Vintage clothing..
Quirky investments: Vintage in vogue
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2318 viewed
Shoppers, take note. The inaugural Melbourne a la Mode event is taking over the opulent George Ballroom in St Kilda next week with a curated collection of fashion, clothing and accessories. Exp..
Melbourne A La Mode Is The Fashion Shopping Event You Can’t Miss
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2467 viewed
On Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the VIP launch of Melbourne Á la Mode - a three day shopping experience hosted by Danielle Goodwin, owner of Hawkeye Vintage. Held at the Georg..
Melbourne A La Mode
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 1710 viewed
Do you like Vintage? Love a good bargain? Live in Melbourne? Are you going to Melbourne? Then this event is for you. On Thursday 23rd July 2015, Melbourne à la Mode will kick off its first ever po..
Hawkeye Vintage; Melbourne à la Mode
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 1758 viewed
Whenever I discover great designers or sales, I can’t resist but blog about it! A pop-up store that has recently caught my eye in particular is Hawkeye Vintage. Run by Danielle Goodwin, Hawkeye Vi..
Hawkeye Vintage Queen's Birthday Clearance Sale And Chanel Room Launch
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2153 viewed
Hawkeye Vintage has and always will be the very first thought that comes to mind when I’m in need of some vintage tlc, it doesn’t matter what occasions you’re after; decked to the nines for a high..
Hawkeye Vintage Around The Globe
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2300 viewed
When the team at Hawkeye Vintage contacted me a few weeks ago about collaborating to promote their Melbourne A La Mode pop-up event I was all over the offer to borrow some of their amazing designe..
Green with envy: Hawkeye Vintage
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 1479 viewed
If you are searching for one-off designer vintage clothing that will make others envy your style, it is hard to go past Hawkeye Vintage in Prahran. From the stunning patterns of Pucci and Misso..
Five of Melbourne’s Coolest Vintage, Retro and Industrial Stores
Hawkeye Vintage 02-Apr-2015 0 comments 2235 viewed
Even on the coldest Sunday Melbourne has had in past 20 years, the day turned out to be quite action-packed. We shot these super hot pieces from Hawkeye Vintage, a local vintage couture company, s..
By The Wear - Hawkeye Vintage
Hawkeye Vintage 22-Aug-2013 0 comments 6372 viewed
Danielle Victoria Goodwin has been cordially invited to the "Fashion Connect" charity party at Spice Market Melbourne on September 4th . Danielle and team Hawkeye Vintage will be there to show ..
Fashion Connect 2013
Hawkeye Vintage 01-Jun-2013 0 comments 11741 viewed
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